Shaykh Nazim and the Youth of Woking

“I was told by a Turkish Cypriot mürid how the Sheikh had successfully brought a huge Muslim youth of Woking from the edge of crime to the tranquil atmosphere of tarikat: ‘The young generation of the mürids of South Asian origins had been a real troublemakers in the town before the Sheikh started to deal with them. They had been using drugs; some of them were even dealers. These were mostly the children of the people who emigrated from Mauritius. After the Sheikh had made contact with the Woking Muslim community, these youngsters turned into good people, leaving their bad habits behind and experiencing the essentials of religion (din) and morality (ahlâk). Even, the police came and sought an explanation for how these troublesome kids had turned good’.”

Source: A Muslim Mystic Community in Britain, Tayfun Atay (2012), page 53.

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