A Prayer That Imam Ali Liked To Read

Praise be to Allah Who made me such that I have not died nor am I sick, nor have my veins been infected with disease, nor have I been hauled up for my evil deeds, nor am I without progeny, nor have I forsaken my religion, nor do I disbelieve in my Lord, nor do I feel estranged with my faith, nor is my intelligence affected, nor have I been punished with the punishment of peoples before me. I am a slave in Your possession, Lord, yet I have been guilty of excesses regarding my own soul. You have exhausted Your pleas in my regard and I have no plea (before You). I have no power to take except what You give me, and I cannot evade except what You save me from.

O Lord! I seek Your protection from becoming destitute despite Your riches, from being misguided despite Your guidance, from being assaulted in Your realm and from being humiliated while authority rests with You.

O Lord! Let my soul be the first of the good things that You take from me and the first trust out of Your favors held in trust with me.

O Lord! We seek Your protection against turning away from Your command or rebellioning against Your religion, or being led away by our desires instead of by guidance that comes from You.

Source: Nahjul Balagha, Sermon 214.

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