Don’t Be Angry

By Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Adil Al-Haqqani

The most difficult thing for man is fighting with himself. We know not to be angry, if a man is assaulting us; but at that moment anger comes like a fire over us, making it most difficult to control ourselves. If we are able to control ourselves at the time of anger, we are one of the most powerful people.

Anger is the defense of egos and is dangerous for everyone. Once a person came to the Prophet ﷺ for advice. He told him, “Don’t be angry.” When the man asked for more advice, he said again and even a third time, “Don’t be angry.” A moment of anger may destroy everything. You may regret it, but it is useless if you have pulled the trigger.

Our Grandsheikh says, every training for mureeds with seclusion or practices of less eating and sleeping is to make them powerful for controlling themselves at the time of anger, to give control into the hands of the soul.

The soul is logical, but the ego is illogical, coming with anger and destroying, harming, causing suffering. When fire comes, don’t be gun powder, you and he will explode; be water. Control for anger comes from the level of humbleness. For this, Allah will dress one in robes of honour, and he will be in the row of Prophets on the Last Day.

Source: Mercy Oceans, Book Two (1980), pages 130-1.

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