Sufi Meditation 24.01.2022

Salam alaikum! 🙏🏻

“By God’s mercy, you (Prophet) were gentle toward them. If you had been rude and hard-hearted, they would have turned away from you. Pardon them, ask forgiveness for them, and consult them about the matter, but once you decide on a course of action, put your trust in God. God loves those who trust Him.”
~ Holy Quran 3:159 (Safi Kaskas)

In this week’s sohbet, I answer a question from one of my students on the changes taking place in Saudi Arabia in recent years, and whether we should welcome them or be concerned.

Followed by the traditional weekly dhikr/meditation of the Naqshbandi tariqat.


Recorded live on 24th January 2022

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