Allah Likes Smiling People

“Allah likes smiling people,” says our Grandshaykh. “The highest degree for the human being is to smile at every event. It is one of the signs of Iman (faith) that may be seen in those who sit on the throne of the Awliya. It means that he is satisfied with the will of Allah Almighty, not fighting or coming opposite to Him.”

Only a few people can reach this point; among millions only one or two will reach it. They are very rare, like rubies among stones. Our Grandshaykh is teaching us little by little, directing us to that aim. It is very hard. One doesn’t reach the summit of Everest on the first step! They who succeed are kings in the next life with private stations in paradise. No one can know what is in them. If one knew even a little, they would smile at every event, for every ‘wrong’ in this world! They would be pleased with everyone. If a man is pleased with everyone and everything, he is in Paradise now! It is difficult, but we must try. We must know that no pleasure or sorrow in this life can last, but will come to an end and pass away. There is, therefore, no need to dwell upon a sorrow, no need to hold it in the mind. When a sorrow comes have patience, and a pleasure will come as a result. It is difficult, but important, to be satisfied with Allah Almighty when there is sorrow and things are not to our liking.

~ Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Adil Al-Haqqani

Reference: Mercy Oceans Book One Page 28

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