Shakespeare Church Roof In Danger Of Collapse

Telling really; a roof beam of the church in which William Shakespeare is buried, is rotten and in danger of collapse…

Why has the final resting place, of one of the most inspirational of historic Englishman, been allowed to get into such a state of disrepair in the first place? English speakers everywhere, owe an immense debt to William Shakespeare and many of his contempories, who did so much to develop English language, culture, art and civilisation… Yet, today, their great contribution is sadly unappreciated by many, who do not realise or comprehend the depth of our debt to them…

Surely, not only is a structural beam in this church rotting away, but instead is symbolic of the more serious erosion of English civilisation… Yet what attention is this far greater crisis recieving…? : Shakespeare church roof in danger of collapse

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