Islam written in Viking Runes

Language and communication is a tremendous blessing, without which Human society would be impossible. How often do we give thought to this, or thanks to Allah SWT for the great blessings He freely bestows upon us, but that we all too often take for granted? For anyone interested in learning more about Viking runes, this…Read more Islam written in Viking Runes

What does Islam mean?

Why is the Qur’an in Arabic?

The Quran is a message; the original was revealed in Arabic to make it easy for it's first audience to receive and understand. People often forget that... The primary reason the Quran is in Arabic, was not to sound more beautiful, or because that language is more blessed, but because it was being read to…Read more Why is the Qur’an in Arabic?

Shakespeare Church Roof In Danger Of Collapse

Telling really; a roof beam of the church in which William Shakespeare is buried, is rotten and in danger of collapse... Why has the final resting place, of one of the most inspirational of historic Englishman, been allowed to get into such a state of disrepair in the first place? English speakers everywhere, owe an…Read more Shakespeare Church Roof In Danger Of Collapse