The School Girl and the Candy!

Once, a young girl went shopping with her mum after school. In one of the shops they visited, an assistant looked at the cute child and showed her a bottle of candy, and said, “Dear child, would you like some sweets?”

The girl didn’t take. The assistant was surprised… Such a small child, yet she is not taking the sweets freely offered to her.

Again, the assistant offered her some some sweets, this time of another variety, from a different container, “Don’t you want some sweets?”

The little girl’s mum also heard and said, “Take some sweets dear, it’s okay.”

Yet she still didn’t take…

Upon seeing the girl’s shyness, not taking any candy from all the varieties she was offered, the shop assistant took some sweets of each variety and handed them to the child.

Now with a huge grin on her face, the little girl was delighted to get two bags full of candy, filled to the brim with sweets of every variety!

While walking back to the car, the mum asked her daughter, “Why didn’t you take the sweets, when the shop assistant invited you to take some?”.

The little girl replied, “Mom! My hands are only small. If I take the sweets, I can take only a few. But Auntie has big hands, see how many more sweets she gave me!”.


When we take, we may get a little. But when Allah SWT gives, He gives us beyond any of our expectations. Far more than anything we can hold!

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