Shocking video about a 12 year old boy in China

Shocking video about a 12 year old boy, who lost his dad, grandparents. The mum left and remarried, taking his younger brother with her. For 5 years since the age of only 7, he has been living by himself, finding whatever food he can to survive.

How can we even begin to understand? Those of us who are lucky enough to not have to guess where the next meal will come from, have a roof over our heads, and were looked after by our parents during childhood…

We should appreciate what we have more, understand what we need, what are desires, and the difference between them. We must never forget there are many of our brothers and sisters in our Human Family who are no where near as fortunate as ourselves, and do whatever we can to alleviate their suffering, opening the doors to a brighter future for everyone, especially children.

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