Children Are Not The Political Footballs of Anyone

All children have a right to a childhood, the right to be educated and the right to be treated fairly. We must do all we can to ensure their rights are protected. Children are not political footballs. Schools must be places where all children feel secure, their talents nurtured and cultivated.

The United Kingdom is a pluralistic multicultural society, comprised of people from many different heritages who hold a wide variety of beliefs including but not limited to; Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Wicca, and Atheism. As such, all our schools must be places where people of all backgrounds continue to feel welcome and are treated equally.

The whole point of Ofsted is to be an independent and impartial office that monitors education standards of educational institutions in this country. We hope Ofsted will continue to remain impartial, without getting embroiled in any political agendas.

Paul Salahuddin Armstrong
Co-Director, The Association of British Muslims

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