By Paul Salahuddin Armstrong

Jannah, commonly translated as ‘Paradise’ literally means ‘garden’. Gardens are lush green places.

The Arabs, that the Holy Quran was first revealed to, lived in the middle of the Arabian desert, a harsh arid region with very little water or plantlife, and therefore very little food. Life in this environment is very harsh and difficult.

The most pleasant places Arabs living in the desert visited, were the desert oasises filled with luxuriant trees and plants, buzzing with life. The Quran therefore depicts paradise in a similar way, to easily convey how wonderful an abode it will be for the faithful.

Green is the signature colour of desert oasises and fruitful natural environments. Green signifies life. Indirectly, green symbolises water, the source of all life, as plants will not be green for very long without water. It’s not surprising therefore that green is the Prophet Muhammad’s favourite colour, but there is far more to its significance than just that point alone, as I’ve indicated above, and these may in fact have something to do with why green is the Prophet’s favourite colour.

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