One thought on “Retribution For Evil Is Equally Evil

  1. I agree that retribution for evil is equally evil. In the Christian bible, in the New Testament Jesus said “if an enemy slaps you, do not strike him back, instead turn and offer your other cheek to them.”
    But it also makes you wonder what to do with someone like that? What I mean is that it is easy maybe for us to turn and walk away from someone like that, and just ignore that evil that they have done, but at what point do you stop and have to stand your ground because these people are walking all over you and others thinking that they can get away with what they are doing because no one cares and there are no consequences for their actions. There are many examples of this these evils that have been committed because “”all it takes for evil to continue is for good men to look the other way.” Even then sometimes it is more justice then retribution that truly counts. Justice is for the most part balanced-(not always, but for the most part), and a person on trial receives for the most part a fair trial depending on where you are and what the definition of justice is of course. Where retribution is more like ancient times with Lex Talonis of Hammurabi-an eye for an eye. If you cause someone to lose a limb or they were seriously injured or killed by your actions, the family of the victim could demand that the defendant also be injured or killed in retribution or what they had done even if it was accidental. And here is no mercy in retribution that is one of the reasons why it is so evil. Families in their grief over what happened to their love one usually do not want to hear anything from a defendant, all they want is for that person to suffer for “what they have done” guilty or innocent it doesn’t matter they want someone to pay for what has happened. This is what revenge and retribution do to people-it denies them humanity and mercy and makes then angry and revengeful. I am not saying that the family shouldn’t receive justice for what has happened to them-of course they should, what I am saying is that in their grief sometimes people do not think straight because of grief, anger and act of passion and anger rather than logically.

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