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What is this Christian obsession with “taqiyya”? I’ve been a Muslim for nearly two decades, and hardly used the term. On those occasions when I have, it is usually in response to antimuslim propaganda. So how much is this alleged taqiyya really a thing? To me, it looks like people searching hadiths for anything they can use, twist, and warp beyond all context. As even the writer of this propagandist piece had to admit, the Quran is incredibly clear on hypocrisy, condemning it as one of the worst evils in numerous verses. The Quran is crystal clear on this point, so how can an action that is blatantly hypocritical be at the heart of Islam? Really, do these people not reflect upon what they say and write?!

“O PROPHET! Strive hard against the DENIERS OF THE TRUTH and the HYPOCRITES, and be adamant with them. And (if they do not repent,) their goal shall be hell – and how vile a journey’s end! (The hypocrites) swear by God that they have said nothing (wrong); YET MOST CERTAINLY HAVE THEY UTTERED A SAYING WHICH AMOUNTS TO A DENIAL OF THE TRUTH, and have (thus) DENIED THE TRUTH after (having professed) their self-surrender to God: for they were aiming at something which was beyond their reach. And they could find no fault (with the Faith) save that God had enriched them and (caused) His Apostle (to enrich them) out of His bounty! Hence, if they repent, it will be for their own good; but if they turn away, God will cause them to suffer grievous suffering in this world and in the life to come, and they will find no helper on earth, and none to give (them) succour.And among them are such as vow unto God, ‘If indeed He grant us (something) out of His bounty, we shall most certainly spend in charity, and shall most certainly be among the righteous!’ But as soon as He has given them (aught) out of His bounty, they cling to it niggardly, and turn away in their obstinacy (from all that they have vowed): whereupon He causes HYPOCRISY to take root in their hearts, (therein to remain) until the Day on which they shall meet Him – because THEY HAVE FAILED to fulfil the vow which they had made unto God, and BECAUSE THEY WERE WONT TO LIE. Do they not know that God knows (all) their hidden thoughts and their secret confabulations, and that God knows fully all the things that are beyond the reach of human perception? (It is these hypocrites) who find fault with such of the believers as give for the sake of God more than they are duty-bound to give, as well as with such as find nothing (to give) beyond (the meagre fruits of) their toil, and who scoff at them (all). God will cause their scoffing to rebound on themselves, and grievous suffering awaits them.”

~ Holy Quran 9:73-79 (M. Asad – emphasis added by me)

Christianity Today article: Can Christians Trust Muslim Hospitality?

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