Leave Zayn Malik Alone, His Faith Is Between Him And Allah.

By Paul Salahuddin Armstrong

Zayn Malik has publicly stated he’s no longer a Muslim. I wouldn’t like to question Zayn Malik’s motives… Fame, the constant media attention and pressure can lead people to make statements that may or may not truly reflect where they’re actually at.

Spirituality is a very personal thing, something each one of us has our own unique perspective on and understanding of, whether we share that or not, and whether we subscribe to a larger religion or not.

Zayn is no expert on Islam, and I say that not to fault him, but matter of factly. He is still quite young, so where he will be in the future spiritually, who can say? There may come a point when Zayn researches Islam, and discovers a religion very different to the one he currently understands. I have met many people who have done similar over the years, and they include some of the best and most knowledgeable Muslims I know.

What is worrying, is the reaction from some elements of Muslim communities…

A person should be free to say they have their doubts about Islam, certain aspects of Islam, or to publicly state they’re not a Muslim, without incurring intense criticism and vitriol. In addition, it’s worth pointing out how self defeating and hypocritical such behaviour is…

If those criticising Zayn really cared about Islam or Zayn’s soul, they would treat him with more compassion (as indeed Islam actually advocates!), and show the religion in the best light.

Compassion and understanding may cause Zayn’s heart to soften in respect to Islam; but harshness, intense criticism, and insults will only drive him further away.

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