Faith is the Greatest Gift

By Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Adil

Faith is the Greatest Gift [29/03/2020]

A hadith from the Holy Prophet ﷺ “During the last days [incidents of] fitna become like dark nights,” and this will leave one confused. This is the Holy Prophet’s ﷺ righteous word which indeed always comes to fruition, but in the time we are in, it is seen clearly to be so. The Holy Prophet ﷺ says, “One who lives during the Last Days lives in the hardest days.” His reward is greater, and his merits are more. According to one’s difficulties.

Allah ﷻ created us to be in this time. He destined us to be in the Last Days. Thanks be to Allah ﷻ that we are on the path of Haqq (Truth), and that He has willed to bestow iman (faith) upon us. This is a beautiful gift of Allah ﷻ, and is one which is not destined for many. And so it is necessary [for us] to thank Him for [our] having faith and to thank [Him] for our state.

Allah ﷻ shows us all that it is not in our hands, and that everything is destined by Allah, and is according to His will. So when people ask, “What is going to happen?” – for the one who possess faith, it will be good, everything is good for such a person, says the Holy Prophet ﷺ.

As long as one has faith, there is no fear. If there is no faith, then one must fear. Those with no faith run here and there in vain, and in the end what Allah has ordained happens. Again we say the same: May Allah ﷻ increase our faith! This is important. Faith is a good thing, a best gift, and everywhere and at all times it is the best thing.

May Allah ﷻ strengthen our faith, and have us spend our lifetime in faith. May Allah ﷻ have others taste it too, and have them experience its beauty. May these calamities be easy, insha’Allah, with patience.

Those whom we will follow forever are the Prophets ‎عليهم السلام, and here on earth there is no post-eternity. Events only occur until the Day of Resurrection or up until a certain point in time. So everything that occurs here in this world will come to an end. It is the Prophets ‎عليهم السلام who are perpetual. By Allah’s ﷻ  order this continues forever, until the Next Life.

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