Rihanna Hadith Controversy

By Paul Salahuddin Armstrong

Muslims need to remember Rihanna, Coucou Chloe (and other people) are not Muslims and wouldn’t necessarily know or understand our sensitivities on certain matters… In addition, they wouldn’t necessarily even recognise something is a hadith or Quranic verse, especially after it has been turned into samples and remixed.

As Muslims, it is absolutely right to draw their attention to these mistakes and hold them to account, but we must also be forgiving and understanding towards people who aren’t of our faith, and do not understand it, and this includes when we are holding them to account for any mistakes on their part.

To their credit, both women have apologised for the mistake and Coucou Chloe said she didn’t realise the original source of the samples in her audio track.

Another point to think about is where we invest our time and money on entertainment… Why are these pop stars popular? People become popular and wealthy when other people invest time and money in them, and in promoting them. In short, what we listen to and promote becomes popular. You don’t have to follow trends, you can create your own.

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