Saints of Allah (08.02.2021)

Sohbet by Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Adil ق

“In the sight of Allah ﷻ, there are certain precious and valuable people whom He loves. They are the Awliya, Saints of Allah ﷻ. Awliya could be anybody, they do not necessarily have to show Karāmāt (miraculous deeds). The Awliya are those whom Allah ﷻ loves, His beloved servants. There are people who love you, yet the real and true love is the love of Allah ﷻ, when Allah ﷻ loves you. Others, especially bad friends, claim to love you, but they put you at loss in this world and the next. In this world, they will make you a slave to your own ego and give you a bad reputation so you would lose your reputation. Yet when you are a beloved of Allah ﷻ, you win. Even if nobody knows about you in this world, as long as Allah ﷻ loves you, you are a winner. Our Holy Prophet ﷺ states in the Hadith Sharif that Allah ﷻ has certain servants whom He loves, that nobody pays attention to or even gives value to. They stay in furlong places and in the corners here and there. You would think that they are people that don’t deserve respect and don’t have any value. They themselves also think as such because since they are with Allah ﷻ, they don’t care whether anybody loves them or not; they are hidden ones most of the time.

There are all types of such people yet since they have found true love: The Love of Allah ﷻ , they don’t care about anybody or anything. They don’t care whether people give them respect and value or not, they’re not saddened or bothered by that at all. But people of this world, worldly people, and in the smallest matters, think: ‘Well he didn’t see me, he didn’t pay me any attention, he didn’t respect me or give me any value’, they get offended and are cross with people.

Whereas those Holy Ones don’t care at all. Even if the whole world didn’t acknowledge them, they like it better that way. They are people with intellect. They are the winners and the clever ones whom the Holy Prophet ﷺ and Allah ﷻ love, and that is what’s important. May we be amongst those whom Allah ﷻ loves. May Allah ﷻ increase our love for our Holy Prophet ﷺ insha’Allah.”

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