Happy Birthday Mawlana

“In colours beyond count or description Beloved is seen...but voice is one that with joy a million hearts go on filling.” ~ Yunus Emre 🌹🎂🎉🎈❤️

Strength Is In Community

By Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Adil Sohbet on 26th March 2022. Our Holy Prophet ﷺ says,‎الْمُؤْمِنُ لِلْمُؤْمِنِ كَالْبُنْيَانِ يَشُدُّ بَعْضُهُ بَعْضًا“The believer to another believer is like [the bricks of] a building, each strengthens the other.” Our Holy Prophet ﷺ says that Mu’mins/believers should help each other. Because when together, there is strength and goodness. When…Read more Strength Is In Community

Dhikr with Shaykh Mehmet, Birmingham 15.03.2022

Beautiful dhikr with Mawlana Shaykh Mehmet Adil at Ghamkol Sharif Central Mosque in Birmingham on Tuesday evening. Really wonderful and always an honour to sit with Shaykh Mehmet, benefit from his wisdom and company, and join in dhikr together. May Allah ﷻ bless Shaykh Mehmet and his family, raise his station in the Divine Presence,…Read more Dhikr with Shaykh Mehmet, Birmingham 15.03.2022

Mawlana Shaykh Mehmet visits Maqam of Sufi Abdullah 14.03.2022

Mawlana Shaykh Mehmet Adil making ziyarat and dua for Shaykh Sufi Abdullah upon arrival at Ghamkol Sharif Central Mosque in Birmingham on Tuesday evening, 14th March 2022. May Allah ﷻ bless them both and raise their stations in the Divine Presence. Al-Fatihah. Amin. 🤲🏻❤️🌹 https://youtu.be/hWxrtdiCFxg

If You Truly Love…

All in the world idolises that One, who I do too: we can’t deny one; it’s a door open to go through. Who and what we love our Beloved also loves… friend of our Friend can’t doubt this, for it’s true. Be friend of friend of the Friend if you truly love: unfair to Friend…Read more If You Truly Love…

It’s Good To Tolerate Each Other

Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Adil ar-Rabbani Sohbet, 30 December 2015, Akbaba Dargah, Sabah Namaz. As-salamu ‘Alaykum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuh. Audhu Billahi Minashaytanir Rajeem, Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem, Was-salatu Was-salamu ‘ala Rasulina Muhammadin Sayyidul Awwalin wal Akhirin, Madad Ya Rasulallah, Madad Ya Sadati Ashabi Rasulillah, Madad Ya Mashayikhina, Shaykh Abdullah Daghestani, Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani. Dastur. Tariqatunas sohba,…Read more It’s Good To Tolerate Each Other

Take Time to Think

Sohbet by Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Adil on [25/10/2021] “We should be careful while doing everything. Even while speaking, you should be careful and say good things, says our Holy Prophet ﷺ. When someone speaks, he should either speak about good things or stay quiet. He ﷺ says not to speak about bad things. It is…Read more Take Time to Think

Tariqat Is The Right Way

Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Adil ق “When some things happen, people want to make decisions right away. They keep asking what is right, and if it’s right or wrong. You shouldn’t hurry with it. How do we know if it’s right? Things which comply with Ahlu s-Sunnah wa l-Jama’ah, with humanity and Islam are good. But…Read more Tariqat Is The Right Way

Unsettling Times

“The time we are living in now is the time described by our Holy Prophet ﷺ. In this time, they are forbidding goodness and ordering evil. People of the present time are living in such a way as if ḥarām (religiously proscribed) is very normal. They don’t know what is sin and what is ḥarām.…Read more Unsettling Times

The Naqshbandi Tariqah

By Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Adil Sohbet, 10th August 2021 “The month of Muharram is a holy month. Big rewards were given to Prophets, Awliya’ and Sahabah. Something more special given to them in Muharram is the day of ‘Ashurah. Usually, the beginning of the month of Muharram is also the beginning of the Hijri year…Read more The Naqshbandi Tariqah