If You Truly Love…

All in the world idolises that One, who I do too: we can’t deny one; it’s a door open to go through. Who and what we love our Beloved also loves… friend of our Friend can’t doubt this, for it’s true. Be friend of friend of the Friend if you truly love: unfair to Friend you’d be, if this you did not do! Sacrifice yourself to the whole world if you love, so the band of lovers see that to love you are true. God opens doors to you if you really love Him: give pride away and get rid of your gross self too. God’s slaves are servant, master, weak, strong: how to say to one, “Leave house, it’s alright to!” Word from hidden treasure is: “Yunus knows!” Lovers of Friend ignore this world; the next, too.

~ Yunus Emre 🌹💞

Translation: Paul Smith.
Image: Shaykh Muhammad Adil.

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