To Be Shaikh

Calling selves Shaikhs, hidden they go on fasting,
no knowledge, worse than ignorant too,
such Shaikhs at… The End.

Wearing scarves as belts, making out sincerity…
at Judgement Day a laughing stock, true,
such Shaikhs at… The End!

Turban wearers, with no knowledge of what it is:
like a quiver with no arrows, what to do?
such Shaikhs at… The End.

Those, only agree to do things benefiting them…
they toss precious lives to the wind too,
such Shaikhs.. at The End.

To be Shaikh is honourable, to bring to Abode,
when no such a service is given to you…
such Shaikhs, at The End.

Ahmed where are you as leader on way to God?
Without knowledge you are going to…
such Shaikhs… at, The End!

~ Ahmed Yesevi

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