If God Punished Every Person

By Hafez

If God were to punish every person for each and every sin, world would be weeping, Time screaming a terrible din. To the Lord, blade of grass and mountain are the same: sometimes the Maker punishes blade, forgives mountain. All Earth’s surface is because of sin… didn’t you know? Because of this, moon suffers eclipse, because of your sin. You’ve a clean skirt, do you? But it will soon be known, tomorrow those who demand justice will see your sin. I’m ashamed of my sins, I spend whole nights weeping, so that from the place I kneel green growth will begin. At the time to say goodbye such a flood of tears I’ll cry, so that no matter where Friend’s going, rain will begin. Hafez, when that Majesty wants to put an end to one, who has the strength to stop such a Monarch and win?

Translated by Paul Smith

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