Shaykhs Never Stop

“(One of those present that day spoke to the Sheikh as follows): ‘I imagine that you Sheikhs must get weary of teaching and lecturing day and day out! I hope that when you have finished with this series of lectures you may get some rest and relaxation. Don’t Sheikhs ever get tired of teaching?’

A Sheikh must always be busy with his disciples, for he is like the heart – it never stops. When the heart stops, the body will die; therefore, the Sheikh must be active wherever he is and at all times. A real Sheikh speaks to people in accordance to their ranks and levels of understanding, as such Sheikhs are inheritors of the Prophet Muhammad, who said: ‘Whosoever wants to teach people must be careful to notice the level of understanding of his audience and to address them accordingly.’ Because of this general principle, one may find in the Prophet’s sayings many different manners of description; each manner was used by him according to which of the many different types of people were listening at the time. Maybe this will surprise or bewilder some people who read those sayings, but we can understand that he was speaking to them on their respective levels.”

~ Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Adil Al-Haqqani

Mercy Oceans Hidden Treasures, page 52.

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