Always Ask For More Knowledge

The Soul’s Capacity Is Endless

~ Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Adil Al-Haqqani

My Grandsheikh is saying the advice of the Prophet to him, “For everyone coming to visit you, you must advise him that although he may be such a learned person, he must know that there may be another, more learned than him.” This means you must always ask for more knowledge. Known things are nothing beside unknown things. Our knowledge is like nothing in comparison to what we don’t know.

My Grandsheikh was saying, “European people will come to us; they are not ignorant people, but they must know, that there are some things they do not know. They must be asking more.” Don’t stay at one level. Reaching one horizon, you see another horizon, you must ask for it. Allah is endlessly bestowing knowledge.

Now we may say, our power is not enough for carrying more. This thought is with body power, limited head capacity, but we are looking to the heart, power of spirit. That power is endless. The soul’s capacity is endless. Now Western people have reached the peak of scientific knowledges, but yet their hearts are virgin. If opening that, endless power will appear. Our Grandsheikh is addressing: Oh, Western people, your heads are full up with knowledge, but still your hearts are empty. Ask not more for your mind, now ask for your heart. Its space is such that you may put in it all the stars and yet it is not filled. You must ask the keys. Every Prophet in his reign, his time, is the owner of those keys. This time is for Sayyidina Muhammad and his Awliya. If you have not reached to a level to keep a treasure, it is not given to you. Like for orphans, the government keeps their property until they reach maturity. If we are asking for the treasure of the heart, it means we are moving to take the keys.

Mercy Oceans, Book 2 (1980), pages 176-8

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