Who Controls Your Heart?

“The biggest war that we are doing [is] for our hearts. Shaithan [is] rushing to come and sit through your hearts. Shaithan [is] coming and putting his flag through your hearts. Then you should be under his command. And angels [are] coming to defeat Shaithan, to make your hearts for Allah Almighty. If you are helping the Malaika-angels, then you may control your hearts and you may leave it for Allah Almighty. If not, you will help shaithan and shaithan will come and sit there. How can we … help Malaika? Yes, only with Zikr. When you are putting into your hearts Zikr then shaithan gets out escaping. When you are leaving Zikr shaithan comes and asks to control your heart and everything”

~ Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Adil Al-Haqqani

Source: A Muslim Mystic Community in Britain (2012), Tayfun Atay, page 119.

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