Trust In God

“Have you not heard of the stories of those who lived before you, the people of Noah, and of [the tribes of] Aad and Thamud, and of those who came after them, known only to God? A messenger came to them with all the evidence of the truth, but they covered their mouths with their hands and said, ‘We refuse to believe in the message with which you [claim to] have been entrusted, and we deeply suspect [the substance of] your call to us.’

Their messengers answered, ‘Can there be any doubt about God, the Originator of the heavens and the earth? It is He who calls you, so that He may forgive you some of your sins and lets you enjoy your life until the appointed time.’

They said, ‘You are only mortal men like us. You want to turn us away from what our forefathers worshipped, well, then, bring us clear proof [that you are God’s Messengers].’

Their messengers answered, ‘True, we are nothing but mortal men like you, but God favors whoever of His worshipers He chooses. It is not within our power to bring you proof, unless God permits it [so] let the believers place all of their trust in God. How could we not place our trust in God, when it is He who has shown us our ways [to enlightenment].

‘We will be steadfast however much you harm us, for those who trust must place their trust in God.’”

~ Holy Quran 14:9-12 (Safi Kaskas)

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