Home Of My Heart

By Yunus Emre

This home of my heart, why is it from Love’s land overflowing?
I can walk with head held high, yet from it Love is gushing!

How can I tell my secret when to none it should be said?
When Friend comes patience goes… all resolve is leaving!

Who has seen Friend’s face can remain patiently silent?
From turmoil inside we ‘I’ve seen Truth’s face,’ are crying!

In colours beyond count or description Beloved is seen…
but voice is one that with joy a million hearts go on filling.

Life of mine with Friend is like the sun in moving clouds:
face is veiled for a moment then Beauty that One is revealing!

That this poor Yunus is so much in love is O so strange!
Love is to be preferred above all else, success is in it existing!

Translated by Paul Smith.

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