Muhasabah (Auditing Yourself)

In our way, in order to eliminate the darkness of the heart, it is necessary for the seeker to take a notebook and write down the bad characteristics of one’s ego. Everyone is able to document at least 200 bad manners; to write them down is the key to dissolving them. Whoever has not done it must do it. Among these bad characteristics are stealing, lying, and anger. One of the worst of bad characteristics is anger. If you are angry with someone, restrain yourself for 40 days.

Shaykh Nazim wrote for himself over 100 bad manners, so we are not above blame. When you observe the bad characteristics of your ego you will be disgusted: this process will demolish the inciteful ego (An-Nafs al-Ammara). If you write what is coming to your heart with the spiritual support of your shaykh, your ego will become afraid. If anyone finds your notebook let them look at it, for it is better to feel ashamed in this life than on Judgment Day.

In addition, the seeker must pause at the end of each day to take account of himself: what have they done and why have they done it? What have they omitted and why? Who have they harmed and whom did they help? Then take one’s tasbih and seek God‘s forgiveness for each wrong act of commission or omission.

~ Shaykh Hisham Kabbani ❤️❤️❤️

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