Appeal to the Media: Stop Promoting Hate Preachers

This is an appeal to the media, if you want to be taken seriously, stop giving hate preachers unnecessary publicity, that only fuels their hateful agendas.

Why is it that this “man”, who represents no one but his sadistic cult, is so often called upon to be interviewed by the BBC and other media channels, whenever they want a Muslim spokesperson? Is it any wonder some misguided individuals indulge in conspiracy theories about the media, when this is how it behaves?

Giving hate preachers free publicity through the mainstream media only fuels their callous agendas. By doing so, media channels are themselves contributing to the crimes of such cowards against society and our Human Family.

Paul Salahuddin Armstrong

Co-Director, The Association of British Muslims
Director, Khilafah Online Ltd

Hate preacher's definition of a nice guy

One thought on “Appeal to the Media: Stop Promoting Hate Preachers

  1. someone should take out the man on the left. He is a shame to Islam and all Muslims. I would stone him if I ever saw him!

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