Love Honestly and Openly

A few hundred years ago in Khorasan, people used to spend at least some of their time studying in madrassah, to perfect their understanding of Islam, Adab and how best to live the Sunnah.

At one such madrassah, a mixed class used to attend to lessons of a very renowned shaykh. Among the students, was a sister named Fatimah.

Fatimah was very beautiful, this shone through even though she always wore hijab and dressed modestly. During the time they were studying together, several brothers secretly fell in love with her. One of them even wrote Fatimah a love letter, insisting upon a secret meeting.

Fatimah did not reply… The following day the shaykh gave a lecture to the class, when it was over, Fatimah arose…

Addressing the brother who wrote to her, she said, “If you really love me so much, you would propose to me openly here, instead of calling me to a secret meeting!”

When love is sincere and behaviour honest, there’s nothing for which we need feel ashamed.

Paul Salahuddin Armstrong

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