London has been attacked as Manchester was before it.

The United Kingdom yet again has been targeted by an ideology that has is responsible for similar atrocities around the world most recently in Afghanistan, in Iraq and in the Philippines.

We are thankful for the police and emergency services for their immediate responses to protect Londoners and confront these violent criminals.

As British Muslims in this the month of Ramadan many of us finished our fasts and were praying but these three terrorists were causing death and suffering.

Understand that these terrorists act on an ideology that seeks to impose an extreme brand of politicalised religion of what it calls Islam worldwide.

This is not the Islam followed by Muslims worldwide and never will – this is a poison that needs to be challenged by all right thinking human beings whatever their background.

This was an attack on us all and as we come together here in the United Kingdom – let us pray and stand with each other and confront not just these terrorists but also their ideology and yes their apologists hatreds, conspiracies and fear with our love, determination and courage.

Let us stand together united and let us stand free.


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