How Happy a Time

Mevlana Rumi

How happy a time it is
when we sit on the porch,
two bodies, two forms,
but our souls as one.

When I’m with you in the garden,
our joy mixes with the bird’s songs.
Stars come out to watch us.
We show our moon faces back to them.

Let’s not pay attention
to any confusing superstitions.
Let’s just sit down together with joy,
no you, no me.

When we start laughing,
the parrots in the sky start chewing sugar!

Even more amazing:
We are here in this corner,
and yet at the same time, you and I
are in Iraq and in Horasan.

In these forms, we are in the world.
At the same time,
we are in paradise.

The Forbidden Rumi, translations and commentary by Nevit O. Ergin and Will Johnson, page 30.

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