Seek Allah’s Blessings Tonight

By Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Adil ق

● Ask Allah for Help Tonight [07 April 2020 – 14 Sha‘bān 1441]

“Allah ﷻ says in the Quran, “Wa-tarjūna mina ’Llahi mā lā yarjūn” (Qur’ān 4:104). One who is a Muslim begs Allah, asks from Allah ﷻ. One without faith would not know what to do. He would wonder [about it and be] troubled. [It would be] a wonder without hope.  Even if he seems fine on the outside, inwardly he is bothered. Inwardly there is gloom and darkness in him, because there is a lack of light. Light only exists with faith. One with faith has light on his face and heart. Thanks be to Allah ﷻ that He given this best provision, for this provision is not destined to everyone.

“Wa-’in tuṭi‘ athara man fī-l-arḍi yuḍillūka ‘an sabīli-’Llah” (Qur’ān 6:116). If you listen to people most will divert you from your path. Which means that the people with faith are few. Most are following their egoic self. They are without faith.

Today, people are going through a test. They [these others] are trying to make it something not useful. Satan wants this suffering to be in vain, and is trying to make sure people do not benefit from it. Allah ﷻ, however, is the one who gave this test. He ﷻ is the One who does it all, so it is not good to be hopeless. “Wa-tarjūna … mā lā yarjūn” (Qur’ān 4:104). You are not hopeless. Allah says, “There is a door for you that others do not have.” That is why tonight is a holy, blessed night.

In this blessed night, pray that Allah ﷻ will not test us with things that we cannot bear.  May He elevate our reward. Already it is a blessed month, and Allah ﷻ accepts people’s prayers and orders His angels to bestow what people have asked for. Tonight insha’Allah our prayers… May Allah ﷻ be our helper, give us relief, give peace to the world of Islam, insha’Allah. May it be good, and may evil be dismissed.  May Allah ﷻ protect the children and the people of Muhammed. It is a blessed night tonight. Allah changes or does not change whatever He desires. Everything is in His hands. May tonight be a way towards goodness, and may suffering end. May our faith become stronger.”

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