This Bara’at Night

By Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Adil ق

● This Bara’at Night [April 2020 / 15 Sha‘bān 1441]

“May last night be blessed. May today pass easy. This year the Night of Bara’at was quite different from the Bara’at nights of past years. People prayed and supplicated more to Allah ﷻ, and for this reason this [next] year will be more blessed, insha’Allah. Though nothing took place in the mosques, [even at] al-Masjid an-Nabawi or the Ka’ba, and people were indoors, yet being more sincere made things better [than before]. People were going to those [holy] places for their personal benefit only, while if you asked them to pay sadaqa or zakat, they did not do so. They were doing ‘umras to satisfy their egoic selves. There is wisdom in everything. They say they are sad for the closure of the Ka’ba, but Allah ﷻ closed it for these reasons as a penalty. What they should worry about should be for whose benefit their actions are, and they should think about this.

So this [next] year is now destined to be as it will be. Tonight was a very strong night, for sure, and Allah accepted it. His servants made more prayers and accomplished more practices of worship. These have been accepted, insha’Allah, and they help the faith to be stronger. Satan is trying to make all that is done trivial.  He and his followers are not accepting that this is from Allah ﷻ. They say they are making efforts to end this [pandemic] by themselves. It will not end as long as Allah wants it to continue, but by prayers it will end, insha’Allah, and that will be a lesson for people, insha’Allah. It is a lesson for everyone. It is necessary to take a lesson from it. Nothing should go to waste. Those who learn from it, will gain benefit, while those who do not, will feel regret. May Allah ﷻ make tonight blessed, also. May Allah ﷻ protect us all.  May He send a responsible leader for Islam.”

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