By Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Adil al-Haqqani

Originally people are the same, but according to their actions people will differ in their levels. That is why it is not important if you are a man or a woman, white or black, English or Scottish, not even if you are educated or not. Important is what we do, our actions, our characteristics and attributes, how we are dealing with people and which divine service we give. That is important. It is mentioned in all Holy Books.

People try to claim something through their appearance, clothes, colour or business. All that is false. It has no value. The only thing which counts, are your deeds. Are they good or bad? If they are good, you have a value in heavens. You will then be considered to be a valuable servant here on earth and you will be greeted with peace from Heavens. If not, you will be a cheap throwaway servant, not to be greeted, but cursed.

Don’t give value to yourself by yourself. Let Heavens give you value. Even if the whole world gives you value, but Heaven doesn’t, it is worthless. Try to be genuine, not imitated. Try to be a valuable servant. Once you are getting value, don’t look down on others. There is a word here: ‘free-spirits’. When our spirit is released from our body in death, it will be free. It will be taken up to Heavens and the angels will look at it from all sides to see if it can enter. If not, if it is imitated, it will be taken down to hells. It has no value.

Oh youngsters, you are at the beginning of your life and we hope that you will live for a long time. Try to live long, it gives you more honour. Life is an opportunity and a grant from the Lord, which you will not be given a second time.

Reincarnation is a foolish elementary idea which was used thousands of years ago for the purpose of giving people fear of doing something bad. It told them, that if you do something bad, you will come back here as a donkey and beaten every day. It was a religion for elementary tribes to be disciplined.

People of the 20th century are not supposed to believe in reincarnation and that a person can come back as a dog. What nonsense! Reincarnation has not been mentioned in any Holy Book, neither in the Old, New or Last Testament. If it was a fact, Adam* would come back as Noah*. Noah* would come as Abraham*. Abraham* would come as Isaac*. Isaac* as Jacob*, Jacob* as David*, David* as Moses*, Moses* as Jesus* and Jesus* as Muhammad*.

Try to live longer and try to reach the levels of perfection, because they are unlimited. You cannot say that there is a last step of perfection. Wherever you step, there is a higher step. That is why it is a grant of the Lord of Heavens for people to reach perfection step by step. With that perfection you can step from earth to Heavens. Heavenly Stations are fantastic stations. No-one goes up and ever wants to look down or go down one step. They always want to improve to the second which is even more brilliant, enlightened and enjoyful. Don’t stick to earth like lizards who are uninterested in what is happening above their heads. The target of all religions is the same, but the methods have changed throughout time. No Heavenly Message ever told mankind to be lizards.

In the old days there were balloons, but they never rose, even though we tried to make them fly. Nowadays they are filled with gas and people try to keep them down. Our souls are tied in the same way to our physical bodies, and we are preventing them in the same way from rising. If you would cut the string, your soul would fly up quickly. Our body is like a lizard, but our soul wants to fly and we don’t give it a chance to be free. At least you could try to give it a longer string! Free your soul!

There are so many ways to do that. In Islam they are called sufi ways. It will enable you to free your spirit and control it. When you can control it, it will be like a zeppelin, going up and down. If we are able to control our free spirit within this life, it will help us to take us up to heavens. Whenever we want to be with our physical body, we can come down. Until the order comes not to go back again. That is the moment when the connection is broken off, our body falls dead and our souls go up. Our soul will then be questioned about its deeds and dealings. If it is purified, it will be accepted.

Try to prepare your spirit for the day on which everyone will rise to Heavens.

Extract from Secret Desires by Mawlana Shaykh Nazim al Haqqani (1996), page 99.

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