Iman: The Greatest Blessing

By Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Adil

“Thank Allah ﷻ for His blessings for the faith that He ﷻ has given to us. The greatest blessing is the blessing of Iman (faith), whilst that exists everything else is easy. If that does not exist nothing is easy that is what is important. Today people do not have any faith left and when there is no faith everything is difficult. When it becomes difficult, they do not look for the fault in themselves, but they look for it in others. Whatever happens to them they find [the fault] in others because they do not recognise Allah ﷻ. They either find fault in friends, their wife, their family, their Prime Minister or President, it goes all the way like that the fault is with them. They are Allah’s ﷻ servants too, the way you are is how Allah ﷻ gives, provides and assigns you a ruler. Instead of being grateful to Allah ﷻ people look for what they deserve, which is worse. Allah ﷻ is the One who people should beg no one else but Allah ﷻ. When something happens, you should not find fault with others but beg Allah ﷻ and He will help us.

The means of humankind are limited but everything is possible within the hands of Allah ﷻ He has no limit, there is no limit in the sight of Allah ﷻ it does not exist in His properties and character. Unlike humankind we have a limit; time and place but Allah ﷻ does not have such things. His ﷻ domains and possessions do not end. Humans can be rich and wealthy as they want to be, they can help to a certain extent, afterwards they are not able to do much. For people, especially Muslims you should beg and ask Allah ﷻ for help, this is the basis of Iman (faith). To ask for help from Allah ﷻ is a sign of faith, if that does not exist that means there is no faith, or the faith is weak. May Allah ﷻ give us true real faith, that way true felicity and happiness will occur in this world and the hereafter.”

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