What was Jesus Christ trying to teach us?

What was Jesus Christ, on whom be peace, trying to teach us? To venerate or worship him, or to follow in his footsteps? Why have disciples (students) that spent all their time with him, and followed him around wherever he went, whatever he was doing, if not to teach them his ways and wisdom to pass on to others? Were the apostles not his apprentices?

From what I’ve read, I believe Jesus was teaching people how to live, in a harmonious and balanced way, that brings God-consciousness, happiness, and peace to people and their communities. This is much the same as what Prophet Muhammad or the Buddha, peace be upon them, were teaching their disciples, companions (sahabah), or in modern language, students.

Over time their teachings, like the teachings of other renowned spiritual leaders, were collected together and became the basis of organised religions. However, when we compare the teachings of Buddha, Jesus, and Muhammad, peace be upon them, rather than the outward forms and impressions of the religions based upon them, we can see that their teachings and lived examples share far more than where they differ.

So what do we do; blindly follow systemised versions of their teachings, or to strive to really understand what they were teaching and implement this in our own lives? What would Buddha, Jesus, and Muhammad want us to do?

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