Learn to Ride the Currents

By Paul Salahuddin Armstrong

Many things in life we have no control over. Even those things we do, we often only have control within certain parameters. So why seek to control everything in life and demand everything goes according to our preconceived expectations? Some people do this, others do not… The ones who don’t tend to be happier…

In the old days before engines were invented, ships sailed on the oceans, buffeted by winds and waves. In the open ocean, powerful winds and waves could easily tear those old wooden ships apart. But instead, skilled mariners harnessed these same powerful winds, waves, and ocean currents to propel their ships across the oceans of the world.

Like those powerful winds, waves, and ocean currents, the tests that life throws at us can destroy us or if skillfully harnessed, propel us to greater success. The key is in how we approach them.

We can’t stop or change the wind or an ocean current, but we can learn to ride it.

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