The Hidden Secret

By Hafez

From the wine’s sparkle the hidden secret the wise may
the essence of each one’s soul by means of this ruby, they

Only the bird of the morning knows the value of the rosebud;
not all who read a page, the meaning it does convey,

To my overworked heart, I offered this and that other world;
except for love for You, it did the rest as passing away,

Stone and clay are made into ruby and precious stone by those
who value of merciful breeze’s breath from Yemen’s way

That time has passed when I thought of what the people said;
ever since, my secret pleasure, men of Reason they say

You who would learn Love’s poetry from the book of Reason!
I am afraid that rare subtlety, you’ll not by mind’s way

Heartstealer did not believe our ease was the business of time,
that one did surely, by our waiting heart, sick by delay,

This pearl-strung poem, that from his soul Hafez has created
comes for he does the guiding care of Master of the Day

Translated by Paul Smith

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