Happy Friday!

“God brought you out from your mothers’ wombs not knowing anything, and then gave you hearing, sight and a mind so you may be thankful. Haven’t they seen birds flying in the sky? It is God Who keeps them afloat, in this are signs for true believers. God made for you homes to live in, and from the skins of animals you make tents that are light for you to carry about when travelling and camping, and from their wool, fur and hair you make furnishings that last for years. God made shade to protect you from what He has created, like the places of shelter in the hillsides, and made for you clothes that protect you from heat, and armour that protects you in battle. God gave you His gifts so that you might submit to Him. But if they turn away, your job is only to deliver the clear message. They know God’s blessings but fail to recognise them, most of them are ungrateful.”

~ The Majestic Quran 16:78-83 (Dr Musharraf Hussain)

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