No Wisdom Makes People Run Away

“The prophet said whoever behaves with gentleness (rifk) towards other people, he succeeds in the world. Whoever behaves with harshness (huşunet), he fails and also makes others fail. Gentleness enables one to reach his aim; harshness prevents one from reaching his aims. This is the word of the Prophet. We are obliged to keep the word of the Prophet. The Prophet further stated in another saying that ‘I was sent and ordered by Allah to humor people (Insanların suyuna gitmekle emrolundum)’. This is the only way to start attracting people. People’s selves (nefs) are made up with harshness; man’s nature is obstinate. Therefore people only accept you if you flatter them; otherwise they run away. Most of the Islamic centers in the West today are harsh in their attitude [particularly towards the new Muslims] and do not follow a strategy based on gentleness. In these places, the ones who have no wisdom (hikmet) at all make people run away from Islam, instead of attracting people into Islam. Thanks to their foolishness, Western people hate Islam. This matter is a very sensitive one. Not everybody can take on the task of introducing Islam to new people”

~ Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Adil Al-Haqqani

Taken from a personal interview with Tayfun Atay on 4th March 1992, published in his book, A Muslim Mystic Community In Britain (2012), page 48.

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