Good Friends and Bad

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ advised us to be careful of the company we keep. In a sound hadith (tradition) reported by both Bukhari and Muslim, the Prophet said:

“The example of a good companion in comparison with a bad one is like that of a musk seller and a blacksmith blowing bellows. From the first one you would either buy musk or enjoy its pleasant aroma, while the bellows will either burn your clothes or your house, or leave you with a bad nasty smell afterwards.”
(Muslim 2628)

Good company will make us genuinely happy, feel comfortable and at peace with ourselves, and give us opportunities to learn, grow, and develop ourselves. Whereas bad company will upset us, make us feel uncomfortable, and we will come away feeling burned every time.

Don’t keep company just to look good or boost your public image in the face of others. If the company you keep to do this puts you down and makes you feel uncomfortable deep inside, how is that really going to make your look good in public anyway? You will look and feel far better when you are genuinely happy, authentic, and comfortable, whichever company you keep that helps you feel this way.

Don’t look at labels, but at hearts and the character of people. A person can be of any ethnic, cultural, or religious background, but if they’re a genuine, decent, sincere and friendly person, they will always be a joy to be with!

May Allah ﷻ bless you all and grant us to always be in good company. Amin. 🤲🏻☺️

~ Paul Salahuddin Armstrong

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