Buddha: Real and Unreal

“Those who take the unreal for the real, and who in the real see the unreal,
they, wandering in the sphere of wrong thought, will not attain the real.

Those who have known the real as the real, and the unreal as the unreal,
they, moving in the sphere of right thought, will attain the real.

As the rain penetrates the badly thatched house, so lust enters the
(spiritually) undeveloped mind.

As the rain does not penetrate into the well-thatched house, so lust does not
enter the (spiritually) well-developed mind.

The evildoer grieves in both worlds; he grieves ‘here’ and he grieves
there’. He suffers and torments himself seeing his own foul deeds.

The doer of good rejoices in both (worlds); he rejoices ‘here’ and he rejoices
there’. He rejoices and is glad seeing his own pure deeds.

The evildoer burns in both (worlds); he burns ‘here’ and he burns ‘there’.
He burns (with remorse) thinking he has done evil, and he burns (with
suffering) having gone (after death) to an evil state.

The doer of good delights in both (worlds); he delights ‘here’ and he
delights ‘there’. He delights (in this life) thinking he has done good and he
delights (after death) having gone to a state of happiness.”

– Dhammapada 1:11-8 (Sangharakshita)


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