Shaykh Nazim: Footballs, Turbans and Faith

“You may be walking down the street when a football hits you on your head, knocking off your turban. If you look back to see who hit you on the head with that football, you fall down from the level of real faith. Why did you look back?

Do you not know that the initial cause is your Lord, and that whoever kicked that ball at you is only a secondary cause? What do you have to do with a secondary cause when you know the origin of all causes?

If you are a real believer in your Lord, then why are you angry with that boy and looking back to see who struck you with that football, in order to quarrel with him and make trouble (fitna)?

If you continue walking, then there will be no quarrel, no fitna, no badness springing up; therefore, one of the main desirable results of being patient in the face of unliked things is that it promotes peace in the world among its people.

We must practice holding our tempers and being patient, for every time we are successful, the way of real faith is opened up to us.”

~ Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Adil al-Haqqani

(Mercy Oceans’ Hidden Treasures)


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