Cowardly Racists

I'm shocked at the way some England "fans" behaved after the match on Sunday. Don't they realise, the same players they unjustifiably attacked on nothing but the basis of the colour of their skin are the same players who helped take England to the final and will take the England team to their next victory?…Read more Cowardly Racists

Diego Maradona RIP

A football legend, Diego Maradona will certainly be missed. The “hand of God” returns to the ever compassionate hands of God. Rest in peace. 🙏🏻⚽💐

Shaykh Nazim: Footballs, Turbans and Faith

"You may be walking down the street when a football hits you on your head, knocking off your turban. If you look back to see who hit you on the head with that football, you fall down from the level of real faith. Why did you look back? Do you not know that the initial…Read more Shaykh Nazim: Footballs, Turbans and Faith

NFL, a Very Profitable Non-Profit!

Not only is the NFL not football (sorry guys, I'm British) but it's a $9.5 billion per annum non-profit! >_<