The Value of a Breath

Sultanul Awliya as-Sayyid Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim ‘Adil Al-Haqqani An-Naqshbandi ق sohbat, 28 June 1994

Despite being tired, he is sitting for us tonight. Let’s say a couple of words and then everyone may relax. He may relax too.

Audhu billahi min ash-shaytani r-rajim. Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim.

How did the mother of Shaykh Effendi, the mother of Abdullah Effendi, Fatma Hanim, make her prayer? She used to say, “Ya Rabbi, don’t show us the days when we are tired without working and are full without eating.” He said his mother was unlettered but she had such unique prayers. Is it clear? Tired without working, full without eating. If a person falls into such a condition, then he’s finished. What’s the use of a man, who is tired by sitting doing nothing and is full without an appetite for food? When a man is full without eating it is a proof of his end. The life of such a man in this world is a burden on him. It becomes unbearable and he starts waiting for the death. Whereas the order of our Prophet, alaihi salatu wa salam, is not to desire death. Many people curse themselves, wishing to die and be saved, wanting Allah to take their souls. Don’t wish for death. Even if the conditions are harsh, don’t wish for death, don’t ask for it. Because a life of one breath is better than lying in a grave for a 1000 years.

If a person lies 1,000 years in a grave, there’s nothing he earns from it. If he lives in this world and makes tawhid, saying “la ilaha illAllah” … when he says “la ilaha illAllah”, Janab ul-Haqq – Shaykh Efendi used to say so – and their service is revelation. They never speak without seeing. They are the people of revelation. If someone says “la ilaha illAllah”, if he says it with or without belief, when the kalima tawhid comes out of his mouth, Janab ul-Haqq creates an angel. It appears like a green bird. As soon as he says “la ilaha illAllah”, JanabAllah creates that angel. It flies up and perches on the maqam of Jibra’il alaihi salam. There it says “La ilaha illaAllah, La ilaha illaAllah, La ilaha illaAllah, La ilaha illaAllah, La ilaha illaAllah, La ilaha illaAllah”, like a set clock. It never stops. We stop and get tired. Angels are never tired. It’s continuous then. That created angel says “la ilaha illAllah” continuously until Qiyama. It says over and over thousands, millions, 100 thousand, 100 million times. How many are counted until Qiyama is recorded in the book of that person. Therefore, being in this world for one breath is better than lying in a grave for 1,000 years.

A holy person was tired while passing by a graveyard. He stood by a grave to take some rest and fell asleep from tiredness on that grave. The one in that grave pushed him and said, “Get up. Wake up. Wake up and make 2 rakats of prayer. We miss those 2 rakats here. Get up and make your 2 rakats while you have that chance. Don’t sleep. We understand it now. But we don’t have permission to go back and pray. O man, don’t sleep here. Wake up while you have this chance. Pray at least 2 rakats.” Of course, everything in akhira had become clear to him. He’s no longer blind like in this world. He’s not blind and deaf. They know and wish that the people of this world know and prepare, that they pray continuously, make dhikr continuously, make tasbih continuously, read Qur’an continuously, worship continuously. They wish that we could hear and know. And that one breath – everyone in the grave wants it. Who dies without faith says, “If only the treasures of whole world were ours and we could buy one breath.” They are ready to give away the treasures of the whole world.

If a breath was given to them, what would they do with that one breath? If they say “la ilaha illAllah” once, they could be rescued with one “la ilaha illAllah.” They know now, but didn’t know in dunya. If you don’t know it in this world, knowing in the grave doesn’t have a benefit. Hazret Ali Effendi said, “People are asleep. They wake up when they die.” When he’s dead, it’s up to him to wake up or to sleep. The choice is given. He’s not responsible anymore. He’s not responsible for anything. And we are believers more or less. And we should try to increase our belief. We should try to increase it every day little by little, as it is unknown when we’ll be called. When we are called, no one will wait for us to do this and that. They will take us just like they called.

La ilaha illAllah is tawhid. Each time you say it its light will be dressed on you. JanabAllah puts a dress of light on you every time you say la ilaha illAllah. How shall we wear such a dress? It has the light of 500 candles inside it. When the light of 500 candles comes, will it be too small here for this light? If you put the light of 50,000 candles inside it, will this place be too small for 50,000 candles? No, it won’t. Light doesn’t have a capacity – to be too much or not. Just like this, when they put a dress of light on you, you can wear 1,000 dresses, your light will increase. There won’t be heaviness. You will be light. When you put light on, you’ll become light. Your heaviness will be gone. It will become light. Can a person fly? Can a man make something fly and not fly himself? Mankind is making iron fly. Can he not fly himself? If you say he cannot, you’re mistaken.

Who makes iron fly, Haji Ahmad Effendi, and can’t fly himself, is embarrassing. It means if iron has the ability to fly, the one who makes it fly should have it first. Therefore, Janab ul-Haqq gave such power to the sons of Adam. We still cannot use even 1/1000 of the power given us. If we used half of it, how wonderful it would be. We can’t use a pinch of it, not to mention half. There is a lot of power. They command iron. They sail ships as well. They sail ships on the seas. If you throw a stone, it will sink. A ship of hundred thousand tons doesn’t sink. It sails on the sea. And if a man, who makes a ship sail on the sea, cannot walk on the sea himself, it’s embarrassing. It’s embarrassing for him. It is possible and necessary that a man, who makes ships sail on the surface of seas, walks on that water. It is possible and true that a man, who makes iron fly in the air, can fly in the air too. However, as we said, a person is not aware of the spiritual power he has.

When we say “la ilaha illAllah, La ilaha illaAllah, La ilaha illaAllah, La ilaha illaAllah, La ilaha illaAllah, La ilaha illaAllah”, it collects power inside us. If we don’t lose that power, when it reaches a certain level, we will also be able to move from earth to heaven. However, we can’t collect and keep it. After filling our tires, we pass over a path of nails. If one nail sticks in, it can blow all tires and you’ll be useless. That is why, shaitan scolds at believers. He is behind believers in order to make them lose the power they have. And he wastes the collected power. It becomes useless. It is easy to worship. You take ablution, make 2 rakats, make 4 rakats, make 10 rakats. But what is the difficult thing? To preserve the spiritual power you have. It’s important not to lose it. If you take from one side and lose it from another side, you’ll have nothing. If they don’t lose it, there won’t be anyone who can’t fly in 40 days. I will make them fly in 40 days. If only they keep, but they’re losing. When they lose, they have to start from the beginning.

(What shall we do to keep it?) What? (What shall we do to keep that virtue?)

It has a method. It has its method. As many women, who are following me, I will make them all pray in Ka’ba in 40 days. (Alhamdulillah.) They don’t have desires. Women side receives quickly. Their lata’ifs are light. It is very easy to run their heart power. Put them in 40-day khalwat or riyadha, on the 41st day close and open your eyes, Haji Hanim is in front of Ka’ba. Did you open, Haji Hanim? Alhamdulillah, in front of Ka’ba. Close your eyes, Haji Engin. Open, opposite the cars. Mrs. Doctor, close and open your eyes. She’s sitting with a dog in her house. Isn’t it so? With a dog, hasha min al-hudhur.

Everything has a method. If you keep the method, you’ll enter the path. Whichever path you enter, it will take you where you need to go. If you enter Ankara, you’ll go to Ankara. If you enter Konya, you’ll go to Konya. If you enter Izmir, you’ll go to Izmir. If you enter Istanbul, you’ll go to Istanbul. If you enter the path to Sham, you’ll find Sham. Wherever you wish, you will find it. If you go out of the door from here and walk, not home, but towards the sea, you’ll find the sea. Therefore, whoever tries, Allah helps him. If Allah doesn’t help, you’re useless anyway. But when does Janab ul-Haqq help? Which one do you want?

Both Janab ul-Haqq and shaitan help people. Who asks for help from Allah, Allah helps. Who leaves Allah and asks for help from shaitan, shaitan helps. There is no confusion in religion. No. Who asks help from Allah, Allah helps him. He should say, “Ya Rabbi, be my Supporter.” He will say, “What will you do, O My servant? Are you going to do something for Me? Is it something I love that you’ll do? Will your face brighten up when you do it? If you’re asking for help in order to please Me, I will help you.”

If they follow the way shown by shaitan and forget Allah, shaitan will say, “I will help you. Come, enter the sea. I will save you.” He will enter the sea, struggle, and after a while, drown. And shaitan will leave him. He will wish that he drowns deeper. Nowadays, many people have fallen into a mire. Why did they fall? They obeyed shaitan. They assumed shaitan would help them to be saved and take them out. Shaitan finished what’s in their hand too. He destroyed them and made nothing. Then shaitan laughs loudly. When was shaitan a friend to a man? Is it written in books that shaitan has been a friend to people? Is it seen anywhere in a book that shaitan became friends with a man? Has such a story ever been told? How can it be? Is it possible at all? It’s impossible. Therefore, you must know the way. If you work for Allah, Allah will help you. Even if you don’t believe, Allah will help you. Why? You do something Allah wants. You make an intention to do it, even if you don’t say that Allah will help you. And shaitan will help whoever follows him. Don’t obey shaitan and you’ll fly. Don’t obey shaitan and you’ll walk on the sea. If you don’t obey shaitan, when you say Allahu Akbar, you will be looking at Ka’ba. You’ll be visiting it and worship there. It is possible. It’s not impossible. However, people like that don’t need us to show it. There’s nothing they hope from us.

There were two majzubs, Haji Sevim, during the time of Abu Muhammad al-Madani. Halkaluka Ahmad and another one with a Daghistani name, two majzub ones. They used to carry loads in Istanbul on packsaddles. They probably don’t have it now. (They do, but only few.) They used to carry loads on packsaddles on their backs. These two majzubs, they would bring what they earned in a bowl and give to Shaykh Sharafuddin. Someone followed one of them from afar. While he was breaking his ablution, the stone where his excretion touched turned into red gold. Though they had such power, they didn’t bring anything to Shaykh Effendi by using that power. They did only from their pure earnings. That was a miraculous power, they didn’t want it. A person with such power doesn’t stoop to use it. They used to carry loads and take from what they earned for themselves and bring their savings to GrandShaykh. There are owners of such power on earth now too. But they don’t give credit to it. They are busy with service saying, “How much service shall I do?”

With an order of the Prophet ‘alaihi salatu wa salam, the mount of Uhud stopped while it was flowing like a golden flood. Gold has a beautiful sound when it hits against each other. A golden flood was seen behind our Prophet ‘alaihi salatu wa salam and he told it to stop. Whereas he tied two stones on his holy waist because of hunger. At the most needed time, that mountain said, “O Habibullah, the Beloved, why should I stand like a stone here when you are in such need? Let me flow as gold behind you. You won’t bother carrying me. Wherever you step, I’ll be behind you. Take it, I don’t need it.” If he had taken it, sahabas wouldn’t have received any virtue. Sahabas wouldn’t sit on the foundation of Islam. They would have become weak in that abundance. Whereas JanabAllah educated them in such a way that the huge building of Islam is built on them.

And we made an intention to enter the path, which is pleasant to Allah and His Rasul. Our hope is that JanabAllah keeps us energetic till the end of our lives, that He won’t let us live with an exhausted body, that He let us live in a strong body with worship and that we leave this world with worship. A person is useless when he’s exhausted. Don’t exhaust yourself. Pay attention to it. Someone, who isn’t self sufficient, when he goes out, when outside doctors catch him, they will finish him. And they won’t give him anything but finish. And appreciate what you have been given. At least once, say more la ilaha illAllah. Make salawat sharif even once. Say even once Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. One tasbih. Read 100 Ikhlas Sharif. You’ll be given spiritual support. Just like you, your ancestors will be given from that strength.

Success is from Janab ul-Haqq.

Bi hurmati l-Habib, bi hurmati l-Fatiha.

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