Prayer for Egypt

My thoughts and prayers are with the families, friends, and communities of the Shuhada (Martyrs) of yesterday's cowardly terrorist attack in Egypt. Allah SWT bless the Shuhada and grant them Jannat al Firdous. Allah support their families through this difficult time, support the people of Egypt, and bring to justice the cowardly ISIS terrorists who…Read more Prayer for Egypt


After West Midlands – Will Labour fail in the General Election 2017?

Mohammed Abbasi

West Midlands Labour Gurus have quickly hung their failures around Jeremy Corbyns neck as they’re annoyed that Corbyn did not enhance the cause of their candidate Sion Simon, who stood as Labour candidate in the West Midlands mayoral elections, even though Sion Simon disowned his own party leader

The fault lies NOT with Corbyn but rather with the Labour Party candidate, and the selection system that’s so out of touch with the voter, it has failed to produce true representation especially here in the West Midlands.

Two years of Jeremy Corbyn does not explain Ed Miliband’s Labour Party, when he led the Labour Party to failure at the last General Election, and the one before in 2010 with Gordon Brown at the helm!


Here in the West Midlands Labour has been run as a chiefdom; Roy Hattersley MP (who even admitted he took the local voters for granted through the biraderi…

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The world is full of injustices – a couple of blokes making fun of my religion isn’t one of them.


Right so let’s start with a disclaimer:

I am not in any way condoning racism, anti-Muslim hatred,  or any other form of discrimination. There is no room in our society for the insidious form of hatred currently taking root in society – a hatred that we have seen in Nazi Germany, Rwanda and just twenty-one years ago in Bosnia. And we know only too well where this can ultimately lead.

But earlier this week I watched the clip of Louis Smith MBE and simply thought ‘what an idiot’. If you are one of the lucky ones that have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about, give yourself a pat on the back. To get you up to speed, Louis Smith and his fellow Olympic gymnast were filmed taking a rug off the wall at a wedding reception; they then pretended to pray and shout ‘Allah Hu Akbar’ (God is Great). OK…

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