Everybody Will Taste Death (06.11.2020)

By Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Adil ق

Everybody will taste death, our Holy Prophet ﷺ states [that] it is going to happen to everybody, there is no escaping from it. It is a great reality people of today think they are never going to die especially these days there is an illness that is going around, people are feeling death on their necks. Whether from this illness or something else everybody will go through it [death], the issue the Prophet ﷺ spoke about is important; be ready for death there is no solution to death, be ready for what is after death. Death is a path that everybody will go through whether that path is good or hard, those who are ready for it, it is not hard. Those who are ready will pass through it with ease, our Holy Prophet ﷺ says for a mu’min (believer) it is like, ‘Moving from one to room to another.’ But those who are nonbelievers, or rebel to Allah ﷻ and do not acknowledge Allah ﷻ it is hard for them. Therefore, there is no need to be anxious in this life; because of this illness people are taking precautions, countries are being shut down, people cannot leave their homes, food is not left in the markets and people are preparing as if they are going to live for a thousand years, they are falling into such anxiety. There is death, it is always going to be there, Allah ﷻ has assigned everybody a time and a reason, whether from this illness or something else. This illness is not acting by itself by its own intelligence, it is through Allah’s ﷻ Will; granting that some causations occur and because of that cause people die. Therefore, take precaution for the hereafter that is what is necessary. At every moment whether from corona or cholera or other pandemics, whatever people are going to die from, Allah ﷻ has made this a reason, a cause.

It does not act by itself this illness, of course we need to take precautions for worldly matters. We are not saying, ‘Do not,’ the true precaution should be for the afterlife, be ready for your hereafter. People are saying they are afraid of death even when there is nothing, people are afraid of death, but as long as fate does not arrive the person does not die. When it does come whatever they do whatever they try, they are going. There is no benefit from being afraid, it is important that in these situations and states people look at themselves. Do they owe anything? Have they infringed on the rights of others? Let them apologise. With regards to things with Allah ﷻ, let them repent and Allah ﷻ will forgive Allah ﷻ is the Ever Forgiving. There is no need for anxiety and worry, whatever Allah ﷻ says, and Wills happens. If you are with Allah ﷻ you are at ease, you will be saved. If not then it is different, take precaution be ready and repent. Be with Allah ﷻ may Allah ﷻ protect us and may He give victory to Islam. Nonbelievers infidels are doing certain plays and different games, but Allah ﷻ is with is insha’Allah, He is with Islam. May Allah ﷻ protect us and may He strengthen our faith.

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