Life’s Difficulties

Happy Friday / Jummah Mubarak

“We will certainly send you trials of fear, hunger, and the loss of wealth, people and crops, so give good news to the steadfast, who say when disaster strikes them, ‘We belong to God and to Him we will return.’ It is they who have their Lord’s grace and mercy, and they are guided.”
~ Holy Quran 2:155-7 (Safi Kaskas)

Everything is in the hands of Allah ﷻ, we will undoubtedly encounter many difficulties in life, and while going through these, it is not pleasant and few appreciate at the time that there are many hidden blessings in the challenges life throws our way. Allah ﷻ tells us in the Quran, “You may hate something that is good for you, or love something that is evil for you. God knows, but you do not.” (2:216)

Oftentimes, we later look back upon difficult chapters in our lives with a new appreciation, realising that much good came out of those testing times, during which we re-evaluate our life, grow stronger, and undergo accelerated personal development. We wouldn’t be the same people had we not experienced such things.

So, whatever we are going through, it is good to trust in Allah ﷻ, He knows best what He’s doing and where He’s guiding us, Allah ﷻ “is the best of planners” (8:30). This gives us a sense of peace when going through difficulties and a place from which we can start to see where it is all leading and the Creator is guiding us towards.

~ Paul Salahuddin Armstrong

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