Out Of Place Artifacts

Ancient Artifacts Discovered Dated Before the Arrival of Humans on Earth. So were we around earlier than originally thought?

The Weather Is Crazy!

"Everything is connected, each of us affects our surroundings. Beginning with our intentions, manifesting in our actions, ending with our relation to each other, society and the environment. Awareness of this reality, leads inextricably to the solution to our collective problems; the realignment of our perceptions, intentions, and actions." ~ Paul Salahuddin Armstrong

Buddha: Real and Unreal

“Those who take the unreal for the real, and who in the real see the unreal, they, wandering in the sphere of wrong thought, will not attain the real. Those who have known the real as the real, and the unreal as the unreal, they, moving in the sphere of right thought, will attain the…Read more Buddha: Real and Unreal

Rav Michael Laitman: Perception of Reality