Give Peace a Chance

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

Aggression feeds further anger and hatred, continuing ongoing violence… Leaders on both sides in Palestine and Israel need to calm down and sit around a table, and AGREE a permanent settlement to end SIX DECADES of violence. Which eventually, at some point they must. The longer that takes, gives some indication of how much they really care for the wellbeing of the people they claim to represent.

Benjamin Netanyahu notwithstanding… Hamas “politicians” are just as responsible for this needless slaughter of innocents.

Why isn’t Hamas pursuing a peaceful resolution? Why are they shooting rockets towards Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, obviously with no pretext of just targeting military targets (the only type of military action permitted by Islam)? If nothing else, this type of behaviour is strategically inept, along with being ethically and morally irresponsible – such attacks, even with homemade rockets, will quite obviously incur reprisals… Due to the location of those launching the rockets, in densely populated areas, this will be at the expense of our Palestinian brothers and sisters living in Gaza. How is Hamas helping them?

The onus is on the Israeli Government to deploy more defensive (and defensible options) such as their “Iron Dome” missile defence system, they have the necessary technology, it’s outrageous that they should be pursuing aggressive attacks on Gaza, which will result in civilian casualties, irrespective how they go about them. As the more powerful party, they have a greater responsibility to pursue a more peaceful and diplomatic approach. We all know Israel has the military capability to completely flatten Gaza, but that is not the mark of any civilised state; and if Israel wants to be regarded as one, it needs to restrain itself!

The only true solution to this conflict is a permanent settlement agreed by both sides, to once and for all, put an end to over SIX DECADES of ongoing violence. The longer the Israeli and Palestinian politicians take to implement this, really does demonstrate little they actually care for the safety and wellbeing of all our brothers and sisters in Gaza, Israel and the West Bank. With politicians like these, neither Palestinians nor Israelis need enemies!

Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, taught us that if we’re planting a tree, and the last day comes upon us, to carry on planting it. Implied in this hadith, is that no matter how terrible a situation appears, to keep on doing something positive and not to give up, for that is what marks a person of true faith in Allah SWT.

Please my dear brothers and sisters in Islam, make dua for a true and lasting Peace in the Holy Land, that all our brothers and sisters in Palestine/Israel will be safe from harm and that Allah SWT will open a way to a genuine peaceful settlement to the ongoing crisis.

May Allah SWT have mercy on us all…

Wa Salam,

Sheikh Salahuddin Abu Sophia

2 thoughts on “Give Peace a Chance

  1. Please, Paul, PLEASE explain to me just what it is that causes you to dislike MY PEOPLES CHOSEN LEADER?

    How much would you care to wager that you’re being totally misinformed about this man by antisemitic false propaganda?

    Just what on earth is this man doing that you find so offensive?

    • Wrong post, perhaps? As I have no idea who your “people’s chosen leader” is, indeed I wasn’t even aware there was one… I wouldn’t know. If you mean the prime minister of Israel, he’s just a political leader and like any politician, may be subject to criticism. Ethnicity, religion or nationality have nothing to do with it!

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